The Guardian of Harlow College?


The Guardian Newspaper - can we trust it any more? Former teachers express disbelief at an article which not only exalts the Harlow College principal as a 'saviour' but also protects him from any criticism. This is despite the principal sacking around 40 teachers for politically motivated reasons and a further 40 resigning because of his proposed 56-hour week. The Guardian now has a policy of ignoring all protests from former Harlow College staff. What exactly is the Guardian's agenda here? We give an opportunity to voice the truth which the Guardian refused to print.

The Guardian of Harlow College


It is a hard working teacher’s worst nightmare. Having committed years of your life to helping students achieve their very best and being warmly commended by students, parents, the retiring principal and even by Ofsted, a new regime takes over and denounces you and belittles your achievements. they then contrive to have you sacked because you are not a ‘team player’ and you don’t share the new principal’s ‘vision’. You protest that you do share these ideals but the management insist that you don’t.


Amid unannounced inspections from managers, and false testimonies being concocted against you, and threats of disciplinary constantly hanging over every conscientious teacher’s head, you are subtly denounced as a liar and cannot be trusted. You see friends and colleagues humiliated, marched off the college premises because an over-ambitious bureaucrat or a single vindictive student bore false witness against them. In truth it is because you stand loyally by a trade union, with which the college no longer wishes to consult, that you are to be purged.


To add insult to injury, the Union protests it cannot take everyone’s case to tribunal so they urge you to take the paltry offerings within the voluntary redundancy package - which naturally includes a gagging clause because the college has hired a top legal firm at the tax payers’ expense. You spend years trying to put this miserable experience behind you when the Guardian newspaper – the newspaper you read every day – heralds this principal as the “College Saviour Who Defied His Critics”.


Aside from grovelling to the principal in a truly nauseating way, the article contains copious libels about you and your friends. You cannot afford to sue but you have faith that they will ultimately show some balance and give you an equal opportunity, as the principal enjoyed, to air your views. But they refuse to allow a critical word to be said about the principal. You protest, and they simply ignore you.


This is the Guardian Newspaper – now the Guardian of Harlow College. They protested that the TES ran a similar article, but we expect that sort of bias from the Times. And besides, they did not accuse teachers of shouting and swearing at the principal, along with a host of other outrages. Our Guardian turned against us. But why? Perhaps it is because the Principal hires Phil Hall, PR consultant and former editor of the News of the World, and that he himself attended Harlow College – as did Alan Rusbridger, editor of the Guardian.

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