Photo Gallery

A pictography of news and events in and around education. Please send us your pictures and commentary for inclusion. 

PSE Covers - we’re starting to scan covers of PSE and GE - examples here.

November 30th 2011 Public Sector Pensions Strike - Sheffield


Barcelona: May 1st 2006

Spain has, at least compared to the UK, a curious system of unionisation. This pic was taken at a rally of the CGT (General Labour Confederation, anarcho-syndicalist), Spain's third largest union. Unions tend to cross occupations and membership is by political affiliation - there were teachers from all sectors there on the day



Anti-Fascist Demo, Codnor, Derbyshire: August 15th 2009

 There was quite a crowd (maybe 1000?), and union banners- mainly NUT, UCU and UNISON. Speakers spoke on an openish platform between 9.00 and 11.20.

 Spot the editor:

This pic was taken from a park/children's area. Have a look in the foreground, carved into the stone:

Then, 11.20, on to the march:

This was, apparently, 100m from the 'Red, White and Blue' BNP meeting.

Barcelona: March 2010: Local action at Barcelona University

Promise on a pay agreement hadn’t been kept, with local meetings and protest.