Post-16 Educator: Downloads

This page contains the PSE archive from Issue 82 with a couple of gaps, complete with links to PDF copies of the content. For a complete archive listing and more recent articles to download, please click here. If you see something that isn’t listed, please get in touch.

Issue 86, January to March 2017

Towards one union for education? Howard Stevenson looks at the likely NUT/ATL merger, including its possible implications for NASUWT and UCU. (download)

Baronesses battle Patrick Ainley investigates current debate about the future of tertiary education. (download)

British values: the case for Stephen Lambert makes the case for ‘Fundamental British Values’ (FBVs) and a Citizenship Diploma. Readers’ views welcome. (download)

Whatever happened to teacher training colleges? Robin Simmons looks back at colleges of education and what they became. (download)

Still a new trade unionism in the making? David Ridley (Branch Secretary, Coventry University UCU) draws some lessons from the recent conference marking the 40th anniversary of the Lucas Plan. (download)

Anti-working class snake oil? Jane Lethbridge considers some of the arguments put forward by those advocating a universal basic income. (download)

Review: Cliff Jones reviews Louise Regan and Tom Unterrainer’s (eds) ‘Standing Up For Education’, Spokesman Books, 2016. (download)

Review: What it’s like to be an H.E. student now Patrick Ainley reviews two recent and contrasting studies: Bruce Macfarlane’s ‘Freedom to Learn. The threat to academic freedom and why it needs to be reclaimed’ (2017); and Lorenza Antonucci’s ‘Student Lives in Crisis. Deepening inequality in times of austerity’ (2016). (download)

Review: Colin Waugh reviews ‘The Great Labour Unrest’ (2016). (download)

Social production controlled by social foresight an article version of a talk given by Colin Waugh at Independent Working-Class Education Network (IWCEN) meetings in 2016. (download)

Prevent: a comment from Becky Winstanley, calling for more discussion and less silencing. (download)

Issue 85, October to December 2016

Some dilemmas of Prevent A London ESOL Teacher contributes to the discussion begun in PSE 84, and raises issues for ESOL activists seeking involvement in the campaign against Prevent. The editors welcome further views on this topic. Download

Labour needs a programme of political education James McAsh presents an answer to Owen’s blog-question: how can the mass membership of Corbyn’s Labour translate into votes? Download

A report, a plan, a White paper and the return of secondary moderns Patrick Ainley  looks at the May government’s education policies. Download

Rediscovering the ‘new vocationalism’ Stephen Lambert discusses the need to refocus on improving and elevating the status of vocational education and training for post-16 year olds. Download

Education and training needs of the over-50s Stephen Lambert highlights the significant minority that remain economically inactive and excluded from the labour market. Download

Learning from the children? Lydia Meryll presents two case studies examining intergenerational learning about climate change, and generating positive solutions with young people. Download

Collegiate teaching and learning: a case study Louise Speare investigates practice at Leyton Sixth Form College. Download

Review: Globalised H.E. and digitised professions Patrick Ainley reviews Philip G. Altbach’s ‘Global Perspectives on Higher Education’ (2016) and Richard and Daniel Susskind’s ‘The Future of the professions, How technology will transform the work of human experts’ (2015). Download

Review: Cliff Jones reviews Miriam David’s ‘A Feminist Manifesto for Education’ (2016). Download

Issue 83, April to June 2016: 150th Issue of PSE and General Educator

Save our Colleges! Philippe Harari reflects on recent campaigns and industrial action in the face of cuts in the college sector.

Who runs our colleges? Stephen Lambert emphasises the need to make FE accountable again. 

Reviews: Patrick Ainley reviews James Avis’s ‘Social Justice, transformation and Knowledge: Policy, workplace learning and skills’ (2016), and Mike Cooley’s ‘Architect or Bee? The Human Price of Technology’ (2016).

The emancipated classroom David Ridley describes a Rancierean pedagogy, whereby students are motivated to teach themselves.

What’s happened to the ‘liberal’ in education? Tom Bailey and Keith Sellars take a critical look at notions and manifestations of education.

All in a Day’s Work Dave Welsh, editor of the recently published 260-page, large format, illustrated book, which is both an oral history and a guide to TU activity, describes the project behind it. Copies are available from 

William Morris and ‘making socialists’ fNotes from a talk (‘William Morris: revolutionary socialist or utopian dreamer?’) given by Colin Waugh to  a meeting of Wakefield Socialist History Group in February 2016 at the Red Shed, Wakefield.

Issue 82, January to March 2016 (Cover)

The refugees issue: between ‘Fortress Europe’ and solidarity Comment from the Antiracist Observatory of the Aegean.

LGBT and ESOL Laila El-Metoui presents some ideas and materials.

Educating, training and the elasticity of youth Robin Simmons examines the transition from education to work, and the extent to which education could embed class-based inequality.

Providers fail to meet needs Stephen Lambert takes a look at a recent report by Newcastle City Council’s Skills and Training Security Group.

Resilience and the social work curriculumTom Considine sets out the case for social cooperation and collegiate support as part of the development of social work curriculums.

Review: Social Class Patrick Ainley reviews Erik Olin Wright’s ‘Understanding Class’ (2015), and Mike Savage’s ‘Social Class in the 21st Century’ (2015).

Review: Flippin’ eck! An urgent call for a democratic approach to education Joel Petrie reviews Jelmer Evers and Rene Kneyber’s (eds.) ‘Flip the System: Changing Education from the Ground Up’ (2016).

Locating post-16 professionalism: public spaces as dissenting spaces Carol Azumah Dennis examines public professional spaces, and finds defiance and dissent.

Lecturers’ self-organisation then and now Summary of a talk given by Colin Waugh to the Tutor Voices conference held at Northern College on 26th September 2015.