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Post-16 Educator is a quarterly magazine produced by and for activists in all sectors of post compulsory education.

General Studies Project

Set up in July 2013, the Project aims to recapture the experience of those involved with Liberal Studies, General Studies and General and Communication Studies.

If you were a lecturer in this field, and/or you’re in touch with someone who is or was, and you’d like to be involved in this research, please contact us at this email address.

To all UCU and other union branches with an interest in further, adult and higher education, the magazine is a 24-page quarterly produced entirely by and for practitioners and activists in these sectors

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The Real Radical Education?

Liberal and General Studies with vocational students in UK colleges 1950-1990 as revealed through interviews with practitioners who taught it.

Bulletin 1: origins; purpose; context October 2017

Bulletin 2: history; aims; legacy    November 2018

A Post-16 Educator occasional publication


Latest Post-16 Educator

Issue 99, April to June 2020

'The Government's failing educational revolution'

Stephen Lambert looks at the attempt to revive the Free Schools initiative.

'A radical vision for a 14-19 curriculum'

Ian Duckett argues for reform along the lines of the 2004 Tomlinson proposals.

'Caught in the fact? How to recognise Trump cards'

Donal Carroll proposes an approach to critical thinking about the media presentation of political issues.

'#UCUstrikesback – reflections from the picket line'

Howard Stevenson discusses organisation within his branch during the USS and 'four fights' actions.

'Dehumanisation and education'

Article version of a talk given by Gurnam Singh at a Coventry University UCU Teach Out Event on 27/1/20.

'Critical thinking for critical times'

Sharon Clancy looks at lessons from the history of the 1919 Adult Education Report and from the 2019 report marking its centenary.

'Review: Rosa Luxemburg'

Jane Lethbridge reviews Jon Nixon's recent study.


The RED Learning Cooperative details the services they offer.

'At last some sanity'

Cliff Jones reviews John Bercow's autobiography.

The re-composition of class relations and the middle class

James Avis looks at the changing situation of ‘middle-class’ workers. (For reasons of space it was regretfully decided to omit this article from the print version of PSE 99)

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Articles, photos etc. wanted:

The editors welcome articles by and/or for practitioners and intending practitioners in any area of post-16 education, especially by women, plus letters, news items, materials and illustrations. Articles can be published without the author’s name if desired. The deadline for the next issue is 15th September for articles and 30th September for solidarity material about disputes etc. Contact us at


About PSE

The Editorial Board

The editorial board consists of grass roots activists from UCU and the NUT working together to organise readers and contributors into a national network that is democratic, that develops our practice and our thinking, and that equips us to take action over issues rather than always having to react to changes imposed from above.

The editors welcome articles of any length by and/or for practitioners and intending practitioners in any area of post-16 education, especially by women, plus letters, news items, photographs, materials and illustrations. Articles can be published anonymously if required.


There are several real debates going on in post-16 education at the moment. Practitioners need to engage in these debates before decisions get made. Post-16 Educator covers all the major issues in the post-compulsory sector.

Each bi-monthly issue includes news and commentary from those working within post compulsory education, plus regular contributions from other interested activists. Comprehensive news coverage picks up on reports in national and local media, together with academic and government papers relevant to the sector. Recent features have included the Israeli academics boycott, prisoner education, teaching practice and the recently formed University and College Union (UCU).


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